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Age of Empires III

Age of Empires III Free Download

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Get into colonial era and defend your nation with Age of Empires III

Age of Empires III is a real-time strategy game developed by Ensemble Studios in which you will have to guide your troops in the way to colonize empires from the 17th century onwards. Your resources’ management and assignment will determine if your get victorious or not.

Unlike previous editions of the saga, Age of Empires III has only one mission divided into three different parts: Middle Ages, XVIII Century and Industrial Revolution time. In this game you will be heading the Black family, but you won’t live forever. That’s why your descendants will continue your legacy.


The story starts in 1942, coinciding with America’s discovery by Christopher Columbus. Players then will have to choose one European nationality of the eight available, such as Spain or France, try to conquer the New World and defend their land from enemies.

Each nation’s personality and performance will vary according to their own culture. For example, Germany will stand out because of their troops, while Russia will possess a great amount of resources. This turns alliances to be really effective and helpful to progress, but anyway, they should be made with caution.

Age of Empires III Features

Age of Empires III has 3D graphics to make it even more realistic and provides enhancements compared to previous versions when it comes to game aesthetics. It also comes along with a new soundtrack that helps placing you into the culture you selected.

This game allows playing alone with the Campaign mode or with other people by using the Multiplayer mode. The last is supported in both LAN connections and over the internet.

Besides, the ‘Tech Tree’ has been expanded and makes possible to see players’ progress in the social and military field.

Other alternatives

In order to solve some graphical issues this game may face or modify some of its aspects, you can use Age of Empires III Patch. The only and obvious requirement if you have Age of Empires III previously installed.

Other alternatives that can be found around the Net are Age of Empires III The WarChiefs and Age of Empires III: The Asian Dynasties. Both are expansions of Age of Empires III that will enrich your AOE experience.


With Age of Empires III players will deep into the colonial era in order to manage their nation and protect it from enemies’ attacks. Their victory is determined by how they administer their resources.

You will only be able to play the first levels


  • Supports multiplayer mode
  • Historic details
  • Great graphics and audio


  • May be repetitive

free download


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